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In our Academy classes, your child is being taught how to follow Jesus. God created us to live a life of service to Him and others. In Children of Promise and Promise Keepers they are discovering how to serve God with joy and walk in the fruits of the spirit. Serving God is an exciting adventure and it doesn’t begin with adulthood. God wants to use His children NOW to reach others with His love.


If you are bringing your child to Faith Builders Academy for the first time, stop by any check-in station and our Faith Academy Team Members will be glad to help you.  You will receive an identification number card that will be used to alert you if you are needed in the Academy. You will need this card to pick up your child from Faith Builders Academy.


Little Lambs

Age 6 months-3 years old


Little Lambs is the new hot spot for your kids.

They will love the animal ark room and all the fun activities we have in store for them.


Meets every Sunday in Classroom 1.

Children of Promise

4-7 years old


Our Children of Promise are developing their relationship with God, and understanding his promise for their lives.


Classes meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday in Classroom 2.


Radical for Christ

8-10 years old


Radical for Christ prepares the preteens to be bold representatives and ambassadors for Christ. We will help preteens build a strong spiritual foundation that will make a mark that cannot be erased.


Classes meet every 2nd and 4th Sunday in Classroom 2.

Kidz Bucks


We believe in rewarding children for demonstrating Christ like behavior and participating in Worship Services. We give Kidz Bucks to children so that they can redeem them for prizes in our Faith Builders Store which is located at the Children's Check In Table.





Water baptism is available for children who are 7 years old and up. Please contact the office for more information.  After receiving your request for baptism, you will be given an information packet for your review. After discussing the packet with your child, please call the office to schedule a baptismal interview. Please note, appointments are only available Wednesdays at 6:45pm.




Baby Dedications


FMCCI offers Baby Dedications 2nd Sunday of each month. Please contact the office for more information. You may submit your request here.



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