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Freedom Ministries Christian Center International History


Freedom Ministries Christian Center International was birthed out of a passion to see souls set free by the power of God.  Pastor Clinton Potters gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ on September 22, 1988, while attending Rust College in Holly Springs, MS.  In 1999, God led Pastor Clinton Potters to join Grace Christian Fellowship under the leadership of Dr. Leo & Alma Holt.  While attending service on Sunday morning, the Lord Jesus Christ began to deal with him about doing the work that God called him to do.  Pastor Potters was not sure what city God wanted him to go to so, he went into prayer and fasting for several months concerning where God wanted him to be.  After several months, Pastor Potters did not hear anything and became discouraged and wondered if he was missing God.


While working at RPS on the night shift, Pastor Potters had a supernatural visitation from the Lord.  The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to him and said, “Go to Gainesville, GA, because there are many people who love me with all their hearts, but they are bound and I have called you to go and set my people free.”  Pastor Potters had never heard of a Gainesville, GA nor did he even know that the city ever existed.  After speaking to his pastor about this supernatural experience, he was reminded of the story of Abraham whom God had called him out of the land to a land that he had never been to before. (Genesis 12:1-6). 

Being like Abraham, Pastor Clinton Potters and his family took a vacation to the city of Gainesville, GA to check out the land.  As he toured the land, he sensed the peace of God and felt the leading of the Lord to move his family 7 hours away.  While in Gainesville, GA, he began to pray for more confirmation that this was the Lord and not himself.  As he attended a non-denominational church that Sunday morning, the Pastor began to speak on “A place call transition” This message was direct to him and it seemed like no one else was in the room but him and the pastor.  God confirmed to him that day that this was the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in his eyes.  After getting back to the hotel from church, he turned on the TV to TBN and Joyce Meyer was ministering on the subject, “Obey God when it does not make sense.”


God was faithful to his word and had confirmed two times while Pastor Potters were visiting Gainesville, GA.  The word of God states by two or more scriptures let everything be established. (1 Timothy 2:4-7).  In June of 2000, with fear and trembling, Pastor Clinton Potters moved his family to Gainesville, GA to start Freedom Ministries Christian Center.  The church started its humble beginnings in the Shoney’s Conference room with 5 people.  After being in the Shoney’s Conference room for a year and a half, the church had outgrown the room and had to find another place to meet.  The church relocated to a storefront in Gainesville, GA where they had services for 2 yrs.

After 2 yrs, the church had outgrown that building and needed more space.  After praying for a bigger facility, FMCC members went into their new sanctuary on 2413 Old Flowery Branch Rd with office space, classrooms, a nursery and etc.  The church added "International" to its name in 2013 and became Freedom Ministries Christian Center International to fulfill the vision God gave the Man and Woman of God.  In 2013, Pastor Clinton Potters were ordained into the Office of Apostle and First Lady Sherry Potters was ordained into the office of Pastor by Apostle Greg & Pastor Clory Evans.

FMCCi has since then transitioned to its location at Mulberry Creek which is at 4491 M J Turk Rd in Flowery Branch, Ga.

FMCCi is holding on to the scripture that states, “Though our beginning was small, our latter will greatly increase.” (Job 2:5)  As FMCC holds on to this, they will be able to fulfill the assignment to help set the captives free.  (Luke 4:18).


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