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FMCCi School of Healing


 “God wants His people well!”


You no longer have to feel tired or defeated over pain, sickness or disease any longer. God has granted you the ability to be totally free! Healing is part of THE BLESSING, and it’s just for you!

FMCCi School of Healing is designed to lead you into experiencing the freedom of God in your spirit soul and body. “God’s Word is life to those who obey it and health to their bodies” (Proverbs 4:20-22), and you can use it to defeat the enemy! You can live free from sickness as you believe God—and once you do, He’s right there with you every step of the faith journey.

If you have believed God for healing, but are currently experiencing lingering symptoms, it will help you stand strong until you are completely symptom-free. If you are healthy now, it will help you stay that way—not just for a day, a week or even for a month, but for the rest of your life! It’s a place where the oppressed are set free and a place where miracles happen. God wants you healed! God wants you healthy!


Specific subjects that are covered:

God’s Plan for Your Complete Health and Wellness

Where Did Sickness Come From?

Your Faith is Your Connection to the Healing Power of God

Roadblocks to Healing

Developing confidence in God’s Word and Receiving His Promises by Faith

Wholeness in Your Spirit, Soul and Body and so much more!

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